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Sam Hall

Web Design, Programming and Enthusiasm

3rd Year
Computer Science
University of the West of England

About Me

As a freelance developer and general digital enthusiast, I've been teaching myself web design since I was 14. Over the years I've gotten to grips with everything the web could throw at me.

As such, I'm currently studying for a degree in Computer Science. This is refining my skills for all varieties of programming and adding the more traditional languages of Java and C# to my repertoire.

Linux is another an interest of mine. I’ve had all my machines dual-booting Windows and Linux since 2006. From running this less-known and somewhat more challenging OS I’ve learnt a lot about operating systems in general and the power of the command-line. It’s allowed me to become very OS-neutral; I can work with and maintain almost any system be it Windows, Linux or OSx.


Web Development Programming
  • - HTML5
  • - CSS3
  • - jQuery
  • - Java
  • - C#
  • - Visual Basic
  • - PHP
  • - MySQL
  • - WordPress
Operating Systems:
  • - Linux
  • - Windows


Technical Specialist & Developer  /  Seadog IT    2012 - Present

Responsibilities: WordPress - theme creation and modification, plugin writing and management, creating photoshop resources, customer support and bug fixing.

Overview: This role has given me strong hands-on experience with content management systems, as well as a lot of opportunity to improve my skills with client relationships. Working on a variety of sites including e-commerce sites has given me a fair amount of commercial awareness as well as refined my customer support and bug hunting abilities. It’s allowed me to learn practically and experiment on well established and commercially used platforms; showing me the potential uses of PHP to create frameworks and platforms. It’s stimulated my interest in developing software-as-a-service.



BSc (Hons) Computer Science  /  UWE, Bristol    2011 - Present

First Year Modules: Computer Systems Architecture / Intro to Artificial Intelligence / Intro to Program Development / Analytical Modelling / Systems Development / Computer Science Concepts.
Average Mark: 74%

Second Year Modules: Data, Schemas and Applications / Symbolic Artificial Intelligence / Sub-Symbolic Artificial Intelligence / Computer Networks and Operating Systems / Software Design / Data Structures and Algorithms.
Average Mark: 71%

Final Year Modules: Advances in Artificial Intelligence / Agent-Based Computing / Intelligent Systems / Cryptography and Coding Systems / Professional, Legal and Commercial Issues / Final Year Project.

A-Level & GCSE  /  Twynham School & Sixthform    2005 - 2010

Sixthform: A-Levels in Psychology, History and Mathematics; as well as AS-Levels in IT and Biology.

School: 9 GCSEs (2 A*s, 2 As, 4 Bs and 1 C) and iPro Level 2 NVQ Certificate for IT Professionals.